10th Birthday = New Website

To say that this is a world that i don't really understand is a little bit of an understatement!

To me, every photographer today needs a shop front, whether that is on the high street or on the wonderful world wide web. I have dabbled in the design and creation of several sites over the last 10 years that i have been a wedding photographer, some successful and some not so. I think the last website i built of started off with the greatest of intentions but fell short on so many levels

Like the cat, i find myself banging away at the keyboard and getting nowhere rather rapidly. It's kind of like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but you don't get anywhere!

So this time I am employing someone to assist in getting it right. Not only at the front end with what you, the client see but also behind the scenes to make sure all runs smoothly for you the end user.

I started by getting a logo that i am happy with ( only taken 5 versions over 10 years ) and then thought about what id want to see if i was to be looking to employ a wedding photographer for my wedding.

This time i have gone for simplicity and let the imagery do the talking and trying to not overwhelm you with information / images / prices and the like.

The more that i have gotten into the serious side of layout and design the more i have realised that being a wedding photographer is really what I was destined to do. Spending hours infront of a computer using photoshop / bridge / lightroom / luminar is where i am most comfortable. Spending my time editing your wedding photographs so that they look there best just for you ( take the below image as an example taken at the wonderful Stirk house )

Wedding couple at sunset - Stirk House

Before After

Now this is only a simple thing that we do for your wedding images and we also make sure that we make an edit like this as believable as possible. After all, the best photoshopped image is one that doesnt look like its been touched. ( disclaimer images have been uploaded in low res for quick viewing )

Bride and Dad before wedding - Stirk House

Before After

Take this image for example on the left is the straight out of camera image and the one on the right is the one with corrected skin tones, highlights recovered, dust removal from the black surfaces, exposure compensation on faces too. Now this may sound like the image has gone through lots of separate treatments but this is just part of what we do as a wedding photographer.

I love my job and exploring the world of web development has has its challanges and ive learned a few new things that hopefully will help this wedding photographer excel even further these coming years.

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