Our Current Situation with Weddings and Bookings.

We are getting so many requests at the minute and we are loving hearing all the plans that you have for your wedding day. There has been two questions that keep cropping up from you all so I thought Id write this so that I can point you this way against typing it out several time to you all.

If you are reading this 1st thank you for taking time to read this. You could of found your way here on your own or been directed here by us or even you've just stumbled across our site and blog.

In this unprecedented time we have defiantly seen an upscale on people getting organised for their weddings next year, booking suppliers early so as to avoid disappointment because your preferred supplier has been booked IS A MUST. I would recommend securing the services of your preferred people sooner than later as I know I am happily moving dates for couple that have been affected by the current Covid pandemic. Obviously if the date is free I will be moving the date for them with no charge.

For the summer months of 2021 we only have selected free dates left and this is great. We are very excited to meet all the current and newly booked clients next year.


Deposits for any wedding package are set at £200 regardless of the total coverage costs. The balance is then due 2 weeks before your wedding date. We have the ability to help you spread the cost of your wedding photography and here is how - Feel free to drop us a message if you want any more information on this offer to help you out.

We do have a couple of offers running at the moment on Facebook that are well worth a look :-

While your there give us a quick like too it make us happy to see people liking our work.

Have you been to our venue before?

THE most common question that we are getting asked at the minute is " Have you photographed at our wedding venue before?"

Now, we can understand why people may think that us having experience of your venue will make it better for us as we know where to go etc but, and this is a big but! It can make you get very complacent and also narrow your view of what and where your going to go. One thing we have always prided ourselves on is to achieve something that is uniquely different for every one of our couples. Take Goosedale in Nottingham - a venue that I have been to a couple or times and if you do a quick google you'll see the same image over and over again. What you won't see is these images replicated -

Obviously being from Lancashire a trip to Nottingham to scout a wedding venue isn't really something that would be practical, we did of course check out what other photographers had created, but like I said we don't want you to have the same images as everyone else! Yes we going to get images that are similar to others but we really do want you to have something that is uniquely You, something that you are going to be displaying for years to come on your walls. Clearly once I had been once I had an idea of where id want to shoot things, but thanks to the wonderful British weather both weddings were hugely different and I think the Sky gives it away a little too....

I suppose what im trying to say is that it doesn't really matter if we have or haven't been to your venue before as we will be looking to keep your photography different from everyone else. We do have a style and think that that is pretty clear throughout our site as to how we photograph your day but if I was to describe it would say:-

Unobtrusive - Relaxed - Friendly - Traditional yet modern - Casual

There are many a question that I could type on and on about. The two above are what we get asked the most so thought that id just put something a little more in-depth out there so that you can get a feel for how we are. We do have a Frequently Asked section here

There you'll find a quick helpful guide to what we get asked most often.

Hope you are all staying safe and we can't wait to get back to photographing your special days soon.

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