Wedding photography for £129.50 a month?

This Covid-19 has got us all re-evaluating our finances and making changes in our everyday life. I am fortunate to still be in a position where my dates for the next 18 months are filling up regularly. I am so happy to be taking bookings at the minute through to 2022 and ive only a few weekends left over for 2021 which is great!

I have from 1st May 2020 introduced an INTEREST FREE payment plan. This is set up and managed through PayPal and once your deposit of £200 is paid the remaining balance is then split over 10 equal payments. There is NO cost for you doing this. I want to offer this so that everyone can get the coverage that they want for their wedding day.

Having this option for customers is a great benefit. It takes out the need to remember payment dates with it being a recurring payment handled by PayPal.

In the simplest terms possible take our top package at £1495 once you have paid your deposit of £200 the remaining balance is £1295 this is split over 10 equal payments of £129.50.

Deposit- £200

10 payments @ £129.50

Total payable - £1495

Nothing extra to pay. No interest. No Admin Fees. Just the cost of your coverage is charged.

The date of the 1st payment on the plan is the date that will be use to make your payments going forwards too. So if you did it on pay day it could work out perfectly for you.

Feel free to drop us a message and we can explain in a little greater detail if you would like.

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