Products and Delivery times.

Good morning people, Im often asked how long things take to produce be it your previews from your wedding day or even some teaser images from your big day. Or, even your albums to Wall Art.

All of these are truly unique and take varying times to complete. As a rule of thumb your images from your wedding will follow the following work flow.

-Wedding Day

-Upload all images to computer - Same Day as wedding.

-Images selected and edited for Social Media / Blog post - 1st Weekday After wedding

-Culling and Editing of images - Upto 6 weeks depending on time of year

-Online Gallery link - Within the same 6 week period above images available for download immediately.

-Selection of images for Album - entirely down to you be as fast or as slow as you like.

-Wedding Album Design - upto 2 weeks depending on time of year.

-Sign off on design by client or any changes - any changes will be a week till next preview.

-Design sent to printers.

-Printers send test prints - upto 2 weeks to arrive with me.

-Test prints approved and Album printed - upto 3 weeks to delivery to me.

-Wedding album delivered to client by appointment.

Now, while these time scales are worst case scenarios on length I do use these as a standard as the allow for the unforeseeable to be dealt with. As you can imagine in the current COVID pandemic companies have chosen to close and remain so until they see it fit for their staff to return to work. That means that right now I have people awaiting items from March and must thank you all for your patience and understanding at this time. Its difficult for everyone involved in this as I know people want their items that maybe ready and sat waiting to be dispatched but there simply isn't anyone in the warehouse to dispatch them.

If you have ordered wall items - frames, prints or canvass these are approximately delivered to me within 3 weeks of ordering.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your support and understanding during this unprecedented time and hope that you are all staying safe. 

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