Sparklers or Fireworks at your wedding or even Fur-babies

These wonderful pyrotechnics seems to be getting more and more popular with wedding and i have been asked quite a bot over the last few months about if it is something that i can do!

simply put, yes!

Now, that wouldn't make very good reading if i was to just stop it there. It is something that we enjoy, pushing the boundaries of whats we can achieve. Also taking peoples ideas and coming up with something that is unique, something that is my clients and I have sat down and discussed and I get free rain on what the final image will be.


Higher Trapp, Sparkler Love Letters

So, this is getting more and more common as times goes by. I have seen several takes on this from something that is designed to look like it has actually been done but in fact is purchased sparker lettering over laid on top of the image haven't seen very many images where people have actually built the image to create a final image like this one. Here i used the Bridesmaids and the Best man to spell out a letter each, L.O.V.E these were all shot separately and then I created the image that you see above. Now, is this cheating? i suppose i could of had all 4 of them there at the same time to do their own letter but, this is where alcohol and timings can make things go a little wrong.

So i chose to shoot the scene in 5 different images concentrating on one subject at a time. So the above image is 5 images all combined into 1. All the letters and then the couple are all separate layers to the image and then blended together

As you can see from these screen shots the planing to make sure everyone was equally spaced out and also managed to do the correct action for the letter ( its backwards ) which is easier without a few drinks inside you. Personally i think that this came out quite well for something that was predesigned to be built afterwards to create this effect.


Eaves Hall, Clitheroe. Fireworks

This wedding was something else. It was actually on 5th November and the spectacle that was these wedding fireworks was something else. Now i have to admit that there is a little bit of photoshop work that has gone on into this image but to prove that we can do it Straight out of the camera without the need of a program like photoshop here it is:

Straight out of camera fireworks image
Eaves Hall, Clitheroe

As you can see from the above image we made sure that we added a little extra light to the couple so that they would stand out against the bright lights of the fireworks and not end up just a silhouette. You really do have to think on your feet for things like this and make sure that you are achieving what the client wants.

We even love a wedding with some pets thrown in for good measure too. We have as much fun with your Fur-babies as you probably do.

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