The return of photography based work and new Portrait Offer.

Im sure you have all seen somewhere by now that there is going to be shops reopening fro the 15th June. This is great for those that have a premises big enough to deal with the aspects of social distancing and government guidelines that have been outlined. For us it's no change to what has been going on. Video calls with clients be it Zoom, Whatsapp or even Facebook video calls have become a "norm" now for us all and personally i think that it is a great thing. Previously people where a little wary of conducting a video call with their prospective photographer or other suppliers but, this current Covid-19 pandemic has pushed us all to embrace technology and use it to a fuller effect.

I know that over the last 10 weeks we have held at least 30 video calls with prospective brides and grooms wishing to book for 2021 and 2022. We have also used this time to touch base with those clients that are already booked in and wanted a little reassurance as to whats going on for us.

Im happy to be typing this from the office, 1st time I have been in for over 10 weeks and its a welcomed return to a little normality. Speaking of normality last week we had the pleasure of getting out and going for a little walk over the Coppice with a client who has been wanting something a little different to your standard portrait work. This isn't something that we do a lot of, family portraits or studio portraits but we had chance to get out with the camera and take some images. And my god have I missed having a camera in my hand.

This shoot was something that was really enjoyable, not only because it has been so long since we have had the chance to shoot and edit something but to create something for someone that they will treasure for a long time.

As this is something that i would like to do a little more of Im going to offer and hour Outdoor shoot for upto 4 people for £50 with 10 images edited and digitally delivered. Just drop us a message on facebook ( or Whatapp 07983919154 ) and lets see what we can create together.

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