Wedding Attire for photographers or any wedding vendor

Updated: May 16, 2020

What do you find that is acceptable for your wedding vendor to wear to your wedding?

For me personally it a minimum of Trousers, Shirt, Tie and Waist-Coat. Now I know that everyones view on what people should and should be wearing to a wedding differ massively.

The way that I see it is that if you are expecting your guests to arrive at your wedding dressed appropriately then it isn't acceptable for me to arrive wearing jeans, trainers and open necked polo shirt.

I like the fact that, time on time we get told that we blended in with guests. This is not only because we dress to fit in but also because we like to be discreet in our coverage of your wedding.

Yes, we have a job to do and ensure that we get it done. Ive seen several posts over the years that state "oh I want my photographer to be comfy, how can they get the shots if they are in a suit?" Well quite frankly I have managed to climb many a monument / tree / walls / ladders / building in a three piece suit and I'm sure that my brides and grooms will testify to the fact. I can think of one where I was balanced on a sun dial to get a whole group shot and was getting attacked by ladybirds and beetles while I was on there. Or on top of a wall at Wellbeing Farm and getting my trousers nibbled by a llama....... For us is doesn't matter what we have to do to get the shot, we make it happen no matter what the weather is throwing at us.

In truth I have never been a fan of creatives being at weddings and not being dressed the same as the guests. Personally I think that as a paid guest at the wedding you should go above and beyond to fit into the wedding. I know that we have been requested to dress down to a wedding that was relaxed and in a local Tipi venue and to this one we still went Shirt, Tie, Waist-Coat and Dark jeans with shoes. I really do think that if you want the best out of people to you need to be rocking a professional appearance and then you can get the most out of people with the minimum of fuss.

Bottom line if you book us to shoot your wedding we will most likely be dressed as well as your guests.....

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