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This is a minefield when it comes to differing photographers and what they offer. I can almost guarantee that no 2 photographers are offering the same packages. There will be variations on what hours are offered and also the products that are used. For example I am aware of photographers whom use local supermarket chains to get their images printed or order cheap albums from varying online printers, to getting frames from mass marketed places.

I know that from what we supply from our carefully researched suppliers are up there in the highest quality that the wedding industry can offer.

This image here shows just a tiny percentage of what you can choose for the bounding of your wedding album. There are also differing covers to go with the bindings from a clean acrylic front cover with an image reversed printed onto it or even an aluminium plate that has your favourite image on it and is mounted to the front of your album. All albums come with their very own presentation box and can be personalised if you so wish. Albums themselves come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you wanted landscape, portrait, square or even a panoramic album that is all something that we can accommodate with ease through our trusted suppliers

Even down to bespoke frames for your images that match even the most out there decoration of your home. We will work with you to get that something special that shows off your wedding photography to its best, from a small side image through to a massive 60 x 40 inch framed print we have done them all and are proud to be pride of place on the walls of our clients.

Whats included in our packages and what do you get for your money?

We have worked long and hard over the last 10 years perfecting our packages so that they best reflect what our clients want from their day: All of our packages can be viewed here

Our most basic package and it designed for people on a budget who want to still have the imagery that their wedding deserves. Wedding photography packages start with coverage of 5 hours, we find that this is perfect for couples just wanting the ceremony through to their sit down meal captured. This includes capturing the family and group photographs plus time for couple photographs too. Images that we capture from the day are then uploaded to our computers and offsite storage before the task of editing begins. This is really where all the work and years of experience come into play. Finding that colour balance and grading that not only suits your day but also you as a couple.

Different styles

We removed the images that we deem are not up to our high standards, be that out of focus or closed eyes the list is endless why we may feel that an image doesn't make the cut. Once we have then gone through all the images we deem good enough we make sure that here is a pleasing colour balance across the range of images and remove those unwanted distractions that could be within the image.

Once all that has been done we then upload onto our secure server where you are then invited to view them behind a password protected front page. From there you can get to choose three of your favourite images to be printed for you. You also get a USB of your images for sharing on your social media platforms.

Now if you chose one of our bigger packages the same is still happening from the start but it means we will be there longer. Bridal prep coverage through to 1st dance is becoming more and more popular with couple wanting to capture the essence and spirit of the whole day. Included in these packages in addition to the basic coverage is obviously more coverage time and also photographic albums are included in these packages. There is also an increase in the number of prints that you will receive with the packages.

The main differences' in the last package is not only do you get an album upgrade you also get 2 professional photographers to cover your day. This is great as you can imagine it gives you the possibility to have different angles of your images.

This is a prime example of what can me achieved by using the 2 photographers. Now i would say that there are a few times where i would state that there is a NEED to have that second photographer and one of the main ones is weddings over 50 people. This is where it comes into its own where there are two photographers to capture the wedding day. As you can imagine when we are off doing the couples pictures or even the family pictures then without this 2nd photographer there is no one capturing what your guests are up to other than the guests themselves.

These 3 packages ( ) that we have put together are what we find fit most people. Now if you look at them and think that they just don't cover what you want, then ask away. We often make bespoke packages for our clients and there is always the ability to help people even on a tight budget - with that in mind I would say ask rather than tell and I think you'd be surprised with what the answers are!

Just remember there are never any silly questions, only silly answers!

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