Weddings from today and Current bookings

As per todays announcement by the government and the further restrictions on weddings taking the numbers down to 15 I feel that I need to put this out there for all my current bookings and people looking to book.

We have always said that we will honour bookings if we are available for your date and we will move you to a new date with no extra fees and this I still standby. However over the last few months we have had several rearrangements where we have just been told of the new date and unfortunately we have already been booked. I know that there are several suppliers that are involved in weddings and as such you need to pick one where everyone is available but to simply be expected to have a date free just can't be done.

With the announcement of the further restrictions to wedding celebrations being announced, I am expecting those weddings that are scheduled to take place in the next 6 months will start to look at new dates. We, as stated earlier will endeavour to make sure that we can cover your wedding but without early notification or discussions with us we cannot guarantee that this is something that we will be able to accommodate for everyone.

I am hoping that all of my couples are understanding of the situation that we in the wedding industry are facing and how much of a financial strain that this is putting us in. For myself I have only managed to photograph 2 out of 35 weddings for this year just to put things into context of how much we have lost financially and its looking like this is going to carry on for the next six months and if each of my couples for the next 6 months move their dates then that's over 12 months of work lost with very little help from government other than Loans that I simply do not feel I should have to take out to make my business stay afloat for no fault of my own.

I look forwards to speaking to any of my clients that wish to discuss things further and want any further information on anything.

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